Testosterone Goals and Therapy

Testosterone Goals and Therapy

If you are a man age 50 or older who has been prescribed hormone therapy to treat symptoms of Andropause, you may be wondering what to expect from treatment.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been shown to offer the following benefits to men suffering from testosterone deficiency:

  • Improvement in psychological well-being and mood
  • Improvement in erectile dysfunction
  • Improvement in libido
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased strength and stature
  • Preservation of bone mass


If you suspect your health may be impacted by a hormone imbalance, we encourage you to take our men’s hormone health survey. Symptoms of below-normal testosterone levels include weakness, fatigue, reduced libido, osteoporosis, depressed mood, loss of energy, erectile dysfunction, aches and pains, decreased body mass, and increased body fat.

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